AC Synchronous Servo Cutting Control System

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 AC Synchronous Servo Motor:

  1. AC Synchronous servo motor can save more power and price than non-synchronous servo motor.
  2. AC synchronous servo motors is low inertia, quick response, low failure rate, accuracy.
  3. Braking energy storage design, reuse of energy, low carbon and environmental protection.
  4. Equivalent to DC motor, AC synchronous servo motor can save about 90% of power consumption.
  5. Smooth and stabile speed control at low-speed operation, brushless design, easy maintenance.

 AC Servo Driver:

  1. Adopt high performance 32-bit dual-CPU,high speed DSP digital signal processer, high speed and accuracy servo control requirements are met.
  2. Fuzzy algorithm control of auto anti-disturbance: combined with servo delay compensation, smoothing instruction set, better dynamic tracking and steady-state performance than traditional PI control.
  3. Acoustic processing design: use the advanced IGBT power modules, Switching Frequency 2kHz-16kHz via
    optimal regulation to reduced motor electrical noise.
  4. Electromagnetic interference control design: With good resistance to electromagnetic interference, conforms to EN 50178 (VDE 0160), EN 50081-2/50082-2.

 MX2000 Servo Controller:

  1. Cutting accuracy +/- 1mm.
  2. Receive SIN/COS encoder signal (optional).
  3. 具Two measuring wheel control function.
  4. 具Automatically back to the origin position function.
  5. Sin2 curve smooth trim as acceleration and deceleration motion.
  6. Cutting length can be transferred by the DIP switch or RS232.


 Control System Standard Eqipped with

  1. With advanced digital controllers and integrated route control, simple outlet, extremely low failure rate.
  2. With IPC + PLC + WINDOWS XP operating system,user-friendly
    interfaceto operate,
    n o s pecial IO Board, easy tomaintain.
  3. Rec ord production data, and print complete production report (optional).
  4. Using electric eye automatically detect paper If no paper, machine automatically stop.
  5. Record production data, and print complete production report (optional).
  6. Can connect Slitter & Score, Down-stacker,Rotary shear,Production
    management system(optional).
  7. Maximum speed: 350m/min.
  8. Quickly troubleshooting.
  9. Ink marker output funcion.





 AC Servo Syschronous Cutting
Control System

1 Set

 1.55KW AC Syschronous Servo Motor
(Sutibile for 1600mm~2000mm )

1 pcs

 2. Computer Console
(include Servo Driver and Controller)

1 Set

 3. SIN/COS Enc oder

1 pcs

 4. Photo Sensor

1 pcs

 5. Proximity Sensor

1 pcs

 6. High quality Meta l Coupling

1 pcs



 Control System Display Screen

  1. Max imum 999 order input.
  3. Goo d and Scrap paper counting.
  4. ADD /SUB good and scrap paper.
  5. Display the limit and currnet speed .
  6. Output when reaching bundle setting.
  7. Auto speed down, when over speed limit.
  8. Warning alarm before change order.
  9. AUTO / MANUAL Order change.
  10. Cutting Length Range 500-9999mm.
  11. Calculate and display remaining length.
  12. Display the production Length.
  13. Ink Marker function(optional).
  14. Records production data and print daily
    reports , daily statistics, monthly reports,
    monthly statistics.
  15. Remote monitor the procution status
    in the office.
  16. Save the data, when turn off the power
    or the power shutdown.